360° Feedback

360° Feedback tool

360 degree appraisal ready to go

360 degree feedback is a powerful professional development intervention for your people and clients, for training needs analysis, learning and development, coaching interventions and more.

You can choose from our range of ready to go competency frameworks designed to suit most people and job profiles, or for a nominal charge we can upload your own. If you prefer to build your own questionnaires then check out our Competency Profiler tool.

Off the shelf questionnaires

For many of our customers using one of our off the shelf questionnaires works just fine. You can see detailed description of our instant questionnaires here:

Building your own bespoke Competency Frameworks

Most of our customers find that our range of ready to go competency frameworks are ample for their needs. But if you have a special application and need to use a tailor made competency framework then we are happy to upload that for you for a nominal charge. Or you can use our Competency Profiler tool to design and build your own.

We can help with running your 360° feedback project

We have a network of independent practitioners who are experienced with using our online 360 degree feedback tools and will be happy to provide you with any support you need in terms of workshops, one to one coaching or implementation of 360 degree feedback programmes. For example:

  • Introductory workshops
  • Planning and rolling out your 360 appraisal project
  • Training your people to work with 360 feedback
  • Follow up workshops to develop action plans
  • One on one feedback interviews with candidates
  • Integrating 360 feedback into your learning and development regime
  • Ongoing support

If you are an experienced practitioner and are interested in joining our network then contact us via the website or on +32 496 80 56 46 for more information.

Easy to use online tool
  • Check out our straightforward online report format here.
  • The online web technology ensures that the appraisal process is completely automated and paper free.
  • Each licence gives you access  to all the questionnaires, feedback reports and workbooks that you need.
  • No software to install or download – just standard email and internet access.
  • Management statistics for when you have finished your 360° feedback project – call us for details.